2016 Highland Ridge Roamer 347RES for sale - Piedmont, SC - craigslist (2024)

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2016 Highland Ridge_ Roamer 347RES_ Offered by: Cheap RV's LLC
(864) 245-0730

VIN: 58TFL3622G5022165
Make:Highland Ridge_
Model:Roamer 347RES_
Stock #:UFW84
Mileage: 1
Exterior Color:Gray
Cheap RV's LLC - cheaprvs.net Description (for 2016 Highland Ridge_ Roamer 347RES_)


This camper is located at CheapRVsLLC in Piedmont SC 29673 at 616 Shiloh RD.

We are open M-Thursday 9 to 4and Friday 9-12.

You can view this camper and our other inventory anytime during our business hours.

Closed July 4th, we are planning to maybe work half a day July 3 and 5.

We are always closed on Saturday and Sunday. The RV tech only works Monday thru Thursday, so, if you need assistance at time of pickup, you need to be here Monday thru Thursday.

If you are bidding on a eBay cheap no reserve auction, please NOTE, due to recent eBay transactions, you need to schedule a pickup time with our RV tech of at least minimum of 1 hour time at $150 per hour. If you are new to camping and have a lot of questions, then you need to schedule two hours. If you do not schedule any time, then the ebay transaction will be just a sign and drive, you can figure out all of the camper stuff yourself. If you are purchasing on a buy it now price, or some other website then no worries about scheduling time.

2016Highland Ridge Roamer model 347RES, 10595UVW with 3slides.

We completed an inspection on this RV and the following shows the results of our findings:

Text 864 245 0730.
The are two roof topAC units that function.
The water systemworks, but needs a kitchen faucet.
It has 2021 date code tires.
The microwave turns on, although we did not cook anything in it.
The fridge works.

The LPsystem, water heater, furnace and stove top try to function but the LP tank is empty.

Smoker or Marlboro package.

Smells like cigarettes, even has the yellow color.

A few of the lights do not work as you can see in the photos, most of the time, the bulbs are bad.
The keys are missing.

The battery may be missing or may need to be replaced.

The 50amp twist lock power cord is missing, we used one of our cords to check it out.
The carpet needs to be replaced.

We do not normally check the TVs, radio or theelectronics.

We did NOT check anything else.

If you do not see it, or I do not show it functioning or it is not listed in this description, the I did NOT check it, it is missing or similar. The only items checked are listed or shown in photos.
This RV is older and a little dirty and it could use a good cleaning, it is 10years old and used. I tried to take a lot of photos so you can tell.
For the buy it now price of $18999 we will include the following, but any other price the following is NOTincluded:
Full tanks ofLP.

4 new tires


Power Cord

Kitchen faucet

With the buy it now option, we offer one hour of hands on walk thru demonstration with the new owner, we are also more flexible on the payment terms. If you bid on an ebay auction and win this trailer, the total amount is due within 72 hours and you need to schedule a minimum of 1 hour time with the RV tech mechani at $150 per hour. If you win this traileron a auction and do not schedule time, then it is a sign and drive purchase.

This means that you have the opportunity to purchase cheap, fix it up and sell for a profit if you so desire.
For any other price those items would NOT be included.
We do NOT accept credit cards or Paypal for final payment.
If you win this item on an ebay auction, then the following terms would apply.
The $500 down payment is due as soon as the auction is over, call us for a credit card or similar.
The total amount is due by the close of business on Wednesday whether you pick up it or not.
We are typically purchasing additional RVs at auctions nearly every week.
We require the payment by close of business on Wednesday so we can purchase additional units at the auction.
We try to sell a lot are very low profit so we have to turn out money very fast.
We charge a late payment fee of $400 if we do not receive the total by Wednesday.
As per our ebay auction terms and conditions we charge a $295 eBay Doc fee in addition to the bid price.
You can pick up the camper anytime during OURbusiness hours.
We can store the camper for free for up to 6 weeks after it has been paid in full.
Once it has been paid in full we can perform most any service that you need.

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2016 Highland Ridge Roamer 347RES for sale - Piedmont, SC - craigslist (2024)


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