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June 16-21

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Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (1)


Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (2)


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Where Robotics Ignites Creativity

Step into a dynamic world of robotics, where you'll not only assemble and program cutting-edge robots but also engage in immersive simulations and real-world projects. Collaborate with professors and industry experts to explore the latest technologies, while gaining hands-on experience with the tools used in cutting-edge robotics research. Experiment with controlling wheeled robots, honing your skills for practical applications. Cap off your experience by competing in thrilling robot races against fellow students. This multifaceted approach ensures that, within just one week, you'll not only grasp theoretical concepts but also develop essential practical skills for a robust introduction to the field of robotics.

Academy Tuition: $2,100

Location: UT Austin Campus

2024 Dates: June 16-21 & June 23-28

Eligibility: Students entering 9th-12th grade (Fall 2024)

Academy Type: Residential, overnight

Prerequisites: All skill levels welcome

Tools: C++ and Linux

Credit: Academy certificate

Co-hosted by

Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (4)

Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (5)


Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (6)


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What You'll Explore

Topics Covered:

  • Introductory Linux usage
  • Introductory C++ programming
  • Arduino programming
  • Understanding robot sensors
  • Using motors on a robot
  • Skid steering
  • Sensor thresholding
  • Turn & Push behavior
  • PID control

Hands-On Experiences:

  • Assemble and program the Bot’n Roll One A robot
  • Carry out robotics projects in simulation
  • Delve into cool new technologies with professors and industry reps
  • Utilize tools deployed in robotics research
  • Experimentwith the basic controls of a wheeled robot
  • Compete in a robot race against other students
  • Discoverfuture internship and career opportunities
  • Identify tactics for a standout UT application from UT admissions
  • Explore the UT campus and meet current UT students

Academy Experience

Where You'll Learn

This academy takes place on campus at the University of Texas at Austin. Students get a taste of university life by learning in the Gates Dell Complex – the home of UT Computer Science.

Where You'll Stay & Eat

You will stay in student residence halls on campus where you’ll be matched with another student by age as your roommate. You can look forward to trying out college residence hall food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is included.

How You'll Be Supported

Our mentors help you get accustomed to learning on a college campus by staying in the same residence halls and accompanying you throughout your stay. Our academies boast an impressive 10:1 student to mentor ratio to make sure students are getting the most out of their time on campus.

What Our Students Say

Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (9)

"The personalized guidance and mentorship from esteemed faculty members and professionals not only enhanced my technical skills but also instilled in me a deep sense of confidence and determination in my journey towards a successful career in robotics."


Frisco, TX, Grade 10

Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (10)

"This camp gave me a great taste of college life. In addition, the skills I learned have made their way onto my school’s robot."


San Antonio, TX, Grade 12

Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (11)

"The sense of community among the students, the comfortable accommodations, and the accessibility to campus resources really exceeded my expectations. It's been a fantastic opportunity to not only focus on robotics but also to grow independently in this supportive environment."


Frisco, TX, Grade 11

Meet Your Academy Staff

Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (12)

Dr. Justin Hart
Assistant Director, Texas Robotics
Assistant Professor of Practice, UT Computer Science

Dr. Justin Hart will be teaching students how to build and program robots. He is currently working on semantic mapping, autonomous human-robot interaction, and artificial intelligence representations and architectures for service robots. He received his M.S., M.Phil, and Ph.D. from Yale University, his M.Eng from Cornell University, and his B.S. from West Virginia University.

Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (13)

Haley Wegner
Academy Director
Department of Computer Science

Haley is responsible for planning and executing the tuition-based summer academies, which introduce high school students to the exciting world of programming, robotics, iOS app development, and more. She has an extensive history working in higher education and youth programs.


Academy scholarships are available on a limited basis. Enrollees with financial need can apply for a scholarship by completing the scholarship application by May 1st.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the academy located?

The Academy for Robotics is co-hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Texas Robotics at The University of Texas at Austin in the Gates-Dell Complex. Students will also spend time in the Engineering Education and Research Center and the Anna Hiss Gym. All activities are hosted on the UT Austin campus, which is where students will stay for the duration of the program.

Who can attend?

Students entering grades 9-12 in Fall 2024 are eligible to register.

How do I enroll? Is there an application?

Students do not need to submit an application for the Academy for Robotics. Click the “Enroll now” button on the webpage and you will be walked through the enrollment process in the Ideal-Logic portal. When you enroll, be sure to select “Community Login,” not “University of Texas Login.” Enrollment contains contact, emergency, and medical information, as well as subject matter-related background information and agreements for both participants and parents/guardians to sign.

Do I have to have previous experience with programming or robotics?

No programming experience? No problem! Our labs are designed to teach you to program or expand your programming skills to accomplish the project. Some experience with C++ programming may be beneficial but is not required.

What will we be doing?

Students will work with a small group of peers to assemble and program the Bot’n Roll One A robot. Once assembled, you will learn introductory C++ programming and participate in coding projects that will ultimately allow you to compete in a robot race against other students.

Outside of lab time, students will attend guest speaker presentations, engage in programming with faculty from Texas Robotics, tour UT facilities, and join various social activities.

Who are the instructors?

All UT Computer Science Summer Academies are led by UT Austin Computer Science faculty members. More information on each faculty member can be found in the Academy Staff section. The Academy for Robotics is also guided by Program Assistants, who are current undergraduate students trained to assist in robotics assembly and programming.

What is the cost? What is included?

The cost of tuition for the 6-day immersive academy is $2,100. Housing, meals, instruction, and all educational and recreational activities are included in the cost.

Academy scholarships are available on a limited basis. Registrants with financial need can apply for a scholarship by completing the scholarship application, which will open on January 31, 2024 with registration for the Summer 2024 academies.

What are the housing accommodations like? What are the meals like?

Students will stay in one of the residence halls on the UT Austin campus. To learn more about the UT Austin residence halls, visit: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided for the academy participants. Students will eat at one of the main dining halls on campus. Top 9 allergen-free meals are available. For more information on dining, visit:

Each student will be assigned to a residence hall room with a roommate. Rooms are shared with another student of the same gender and all residence hall floors are split by gender. Each floor has counselors of the same gender as students on that floor. Please contact us with any specific questions.

I have a special accommodations concern – who can I talk to?

Please email our team at and we will direct you to our Academy Accommodations Coordinator. Please be as specific as possible in your message so we can best assist you.

How are participants supervised?

Academy participants are supervised at all times. Each participant will be placed into a group of around 10 students and will be supervised by a counselor 24 hours a day. Our daytime counselors, Program Assistants, provide supervision and help students in the computer lab and during programming activities. Our evening counselors, Resident Assistants, provide supervision and engage students in social activities and stay in the dorms overnight.

What is the academy schedule?

Typically, students have breakfast around 7:30 in the morning and begin their first activity at 8:30 am. From 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, students are either in the computer lab working on their group projects, taking a break for lunch, attending a guest lecture, or touring departments on campus. After dinner, students will participate in various social activities including bowling, movie night, basketball, and more. All academy participants return back to their residence hall each night by 9:30 pm.

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Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (14)

Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (15)

Academy for Robotics | Department of Computer Science (2024)


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