Custom Practice Test - 28-Jun (2024)

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The type of synovial joint shown below [between lower end of humerus and ulna] is a:
Custom Practice Test - 28-Jun (2)
1. Ball and socket joint
2. Pivot joint
3. Saddle joint
4. Hinge joint

2. How many of the given statements are correct?

a.Sarcoplasmic reticulum of the muscle fibres is the storehouse of calcium ions.
b.The type of muscles present in our thigh are striated and voluntary.
c.The H-zone in the skeletal muscle fibre is due to the central gap between myosin filaments in the A-band.
d.Production of body heat and storage of minerals are the functions of the skeletal system.

Select the correct option.
1. One
2. Three
3. Two
4. Four


During muscle contraction, the length of all the following gets reduced except:
1. H-Zone
2. A-Band
3. I-Band
4. Sacromere


Glenoid cavity is present …… while…...Is present at the fusion of three bones.

(1) Below the acromion, acetabulum
(2) Above the acromion, coxal bone
(3) On spine, acetabulum
(4) Off spine, coxal bone


Which of the following is not true regarding Z line?

(1) Made up of elastic fibres
(2) Present in centre of each I band
(3) It bisects the I band
(4) Thin Filaments are superficially touching to Z line.


Pick out the correct match
(1) Sternum - 14
(2) Pelvis - 3
(3) Ribs - 20
(4) Face - 5

7. Consider the statements A and B and select the correct option

A:A sarcomere is the anatomical unit of muscle
B:Hypersecretion of dystrophin protein leads to muscular dystrophy

1. Both statements A and B are correct
2. Both statements A and B are incorrect
3. Only statement A is correct
4. Only statement B is correct


Lack of relaxation between successive stimuli in sustained muscle contraction is known as
(1) fatigue
(2) tetanus
(3) tonus
(4) spasm

Given below are two statements:

Assertion(A):Rapid spasms of muscles are seen in tetany
Reason(R):There is a deficiency of Ca2+ in body fluid
1.Both(A)and(R)are true and(R)is the correct explanation of(A).
2.Both(A)and(R)are true but(R)is not the correct explanation of(A).
3.(A)is true but(R)is false.
4.Both(A)and(R)are false.


Consider the following statements:
I. A motor neuron along with the muscle fibres connected to it constitute a motor unit
II. The neurotransmitter released at the neuro-muscular junction is Acetylcholine.
III. Myosin head has ATPase activity.
Which of the above statements are true?
1. I and II only
2. I and III only
3. II and III only
4. I, II, and III


Carpal is not

(1) Wrist bone
(2) 8 carpals in each forelimb
(3) Palm bones are also included
(4) All


Mark the correct set for appendicular skeleton?
1. Coxal bone, Clavicle, Hyoid bone.
2. Patella, Coxal bone, Sacrum.
3. Coxal bone, Scapula, Patella.
4. Ulna, Hyoid bone, Zygonatic bone


Articulation of clavicle is….while articulation of humerus is ….

(1) Acromion, glenoid cavity
(2) Spine, glenoid cavity
(3) Glenoid cavity, spine
(4) Glenoid cavity, Acromion

14. Role of calcium during muscle contraction is that
1. It exposes F-actin by conformational change in troponin
2. It increases affinity of myosin for ATP
3. It binds to actin binding site on myosin
4. It prevents contraction of sarcomere


15. Match the Column-I with Column -II

(a)IIium, ischium, Pubis(i)Contractile muscle proteins
(b)Actin and Myosin(ii)Skull bones
(c)Troponin and tropomyosin(iii)Coxal bone
(d)Parietal and occipital(iv)Regulatory muscle proteins

Choose the correct option



During muscular contraction, which of the following events occur?
(i) H-zone disappears
(ii) A band widens
(iii) I band shortens
(iv) Width of A band is unaffected
(v) M line and Z line come closer
(1) (i),(iii),(iv) and (v)
(2) (i),(ii) and (v)
(3) (ii),(iv) and (v)
(4) (i),(ii) and (iii).

17. Which one is not the character of red skeletal muscle?
1. Smaller diameter
2. More mitochondria
3. More sacroplasmic reticulum
4. More blood capillaries

18. Select the incorrect statement among the following:
1. A cup-shaped bone called patella covers the knee dorsally.
2. The number of wrist bones present in each forelimb is equal to the total number of cranial bones in an adult human.
3. The number of cervical vertebrae are seven in most mammals including human beings.
4. Vertebral column has a central hollow portion (neural canal) through which the spinal cord passes.


Arrange the following events involved in muscular contraction
(i) Action potential enters muscle fibre through T-tubules
(ii) Ca2+ binds with troponin-C
(iii) Actomyosin cross bridge formation
(iv) Sliding of thin myofilament along the thick myofilament
(v) Exposure of active sites on actin filaments
(vi) Release of Ca2+ from sarcoplasmic reticulum


Subunit of troponin masks the
1. Active binding sites for Myosin on actin
2. Active binding sites for actin on Myosin
3. In resting state, active binding sites for Myosin on actin
4. In resting state, active binding sites for actin on Myosin

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Custom Practice Test - 28-Jun (2024)


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