Electiva de Psicología para la Escuela Secundaria (Parte 3 de 4) (2024)

Electiva de Psicología para la Escuela Secundaria (Parte 3 de 4)

Electiva de Psicología para la Escuela Secundaria (Parte 3 de 4) (1)Electiva de Psicología para la Escuela Secundaria (Parte 3 de 4) (2)

April Williamson

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En este curso de 8 semanas, los estudiantes continuarán su estudio de psicología explorando la memoria, la cognición, la inteligencia, la motivación, las emociones y la personalidad.

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Electiva de Psicología para la Escuela Secundaria (Parte 3 de 4) (5)Electiva de Psicología para la Escuela Secundaria (Parte 3 de 4) (6)

Nivel de inglés: desconocido

Grado de EE. UU. 9 - 12
Esta clase se imparte en Inglés.
  • Memory:~ Processes of memory1.1 Explain the processes of encoding, storage, and retrieval1.2 Describe systems of memory (i.e., sensory, working, and long-term memory)1.3 Differentiate types of memory (i.e., implicit and explicit)~ Factors influencing memory2.1 Explain strategies for improving the encoding, storage, and retrieval of memories2.2 Describe memory as a reconstructive process2.3 Explain kinds of forgetting or memory failures2.4 Identify disorders that impact the function of memoryCognition:~ Fundamental processes of thinking and problem solving1.1 Describe cognitive processes related to concept formation1.2 Explain processes involved in problem solving and decision making~ Effective thinking processes2.1 Describe obstacles to effective information processing and decision making2.2 Describe convergent and divergent thinking in problem solving and decision makingIntelligence:~ Perspectives on intelligence1.1 Explain intelligence as a construct1.2 Describe various conceptualizations of intelligence1.3 Describe the effects of differences in intelligence on everyday functioning~ Assessment of intelligence2.1 Analyze the history of intelligence testing, including historical use and misuse in the context of fairness2.2 Identify current methods of assessing human cognitive abilities2.3 Describe measures of and data on reliability and validity for intelligence test scores~ Issues in intelligence3.1 Explain the complexities of interpreting scores on intelligence tests3.2 Describe the influences of biological, cultural, and environmental factors on intelligenceMotivation and Emotion:~ Influences of motivation1.1 Explain biological, cognitive, and social factors that influence motivation1.2 Explain the role of culture in human motivation~ Domains of motivated behavior in humans2.1 Identify factors in motivation that influence eating and sexual behaviors2.2 Identify motivational factors that influence achievement and affiliation~ Perspectives on emotion3.1 Explain the biological and cognitive components of emotion3.2 Describe the psychological research on basic human emotions3.3 Differentiate among theories of emotion~ Emotional interpretation and expression (interpersonal and intrapersonal)4.1 Explain how biological factors influence emotional interpretation and expression4.2 Explain how culture and gender influence emotional interpretation and expression4.3 Explain how other environmental factors influence emotional interpretation and expressionPersonality:~ Empirical approaches to studying and understanding personality1.1 Explain how biological and environmental factors interact to influence personality1.2 Explain social-cognitive approaches to understanding personality1.3 Explain trait-based approaches to understanding personality1.4 Describe methods used to study personality scientifically1.5 Define self-concept~ Assessment of personality 2.1 Differentiate personality assessment techniques2.2 Describe the reliability and validity of personality assessment techniques2.3 Analyze how personality researchers address issues of stability and change
I have a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Master's in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) and have taught year-long high school psychology classes since 2014. I'm currently teaching in-person college-level psychology courses in England.I work hard to keep up with new research and developments in psychology. I attend online workshops often and I recently attended the American Psychological Association 2022 Convention on a grant from the American Psychological Foundation. I'm also a Nearpod Certified Educator. 

1 - 2 horas semanales fuera de clase


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Detalles: There will be recommended readings and extension activities each week.


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Detalles: There will be four quizzes to be completed outside of class time throughout the course. A letter grade can be provided upon request prior to the start of the course.


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Note-taking handouts will be provided weekly. 

Además del aula de Outschool, esta clase utiliza:

This class uses Nearpod interactive slides which provide learners with the opportunity to draw and type on slides, answer polls, manipulate drag and drop slides, and more. A Nearpod link will be shared at the beginning of each class. Nearpod does not require users to make an account. 
The suggested readings can be done after each class to reinforce and build on the content. They are from the free online Psychology book from OpenStax, available here: https://openstax.org/details/books/psychology-2e If you would prefer a print version, it is available for purchase for about $30. We will use this book for all four parts of the Psychology in Society - High School Elective class. 

April Williamson

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Electiva de Psicología para la Escuela Secundaria (Parte 3 de 4) (9)

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🇺🇸 US teacher living in the UK 🇬🇧Hello! I have taught secondary English, psychology, and social-emotional learning since 2013, working in California, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, Japan, and now England. I've taught at educational summer...

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Electiva de Psicología para la Escuela Secundaria (Parte 3 de 4) (2024)


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